Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Love Nest: HoHo Gates

Initially we didn't want to change our gate but sadly after the painter gave the gate a new coat of paint, we couldn't close our gate anymore! So had no choice but to change. 

We searched around the market and decided on HoHo Gates as they were having a promotion at the Expo. Sadly our gate size belongs to the more expensive category.

The process of changing the gate was fast, took only about half an hour and yes we were very satisfied with the outcome and the service rendered :)

PetiteFreckles ♥

Monday, 9 November 2015

Love Nest: Lights

Lights! Lights! Lights!

After 1 month of lights-hunting, we purchased the following:

Entrance light for S$16 from Taobao (purchased via Daigou)

2 pendant lights for the dining area from Johor
If I'm not wrong, it's about S$70 for 2 with bulbs. 
We replaced the bulbs to cool white after because the free bulbs were warm white and it was unbearably hot to dine with it.

From Ikea! It requires 2 bulbs.
About S$75 spent.
2m of Yellow LED strips from Johor to be placed under the top cabinets.

Bathrooms & Yard
For the master bathroom, we purchased 1 of the square LED white lights plus a yellow T5 mood light. Common bathroom and yard will be using the square LED white light.

All purchased from Johor.

Living Area
We have 8 track lights for the living area. Also purchased from Johor.

And lastly in addition to the ceiling fan-light, we purchased 2 tri-colour lights from Taobao! Each costs me about S$76. The delivery fee was the same price as the product 0_o

Sadly, we misplaced the remote control for the light in the study room!
PetiteFreckles ♥

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Joie: Monthiversary dinner

J brought me for a monthiversary dinner @ Joie which is by opened by Dozo. They serve modern vegetarian cuisine with Japanese - European fusion. We selected the 7-course dinner instead of ala-carte so that we can try more dishes @ more cost-effective price. We (or rather he) paid S$68.80++ per pax.

Orchard Central

Starter dish
Assorted Platter: Raspberry sphere with biscuit, konjac jelly and seaweed tempura with wasabi mayo
Side dish
Matsutake Cake: Steamed Japanese mushroom, golden enoki and creme pattisiere, pistachio crumbs
Gratinated Champignon with Mozarella: Button mushroom gratin served with potato puree, focacia and endive. 
Cold dish
Zucchini Tower: Zucchini with cream cheese, truffle mayo with a pastry stick with a beetroot sphere on the side
Sashimi with Quail Egg: Vegetarian sashimi made from aloe vera, konjac, coconut and pear
Infusion of Truffle & Cepes
Snow Pear & Napa Cabbage Consumme
Main dish
Grill Bai-ling Steak on Pu-Ye Hot Stone: Bai ling mushroom served with mash
Truffle Risotto: Risotto served with edamamme with cream and parmesan
Truffle Creme Brulee
Warm Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream
Ice Fruity Refresher
Ice Mallow Apple Melody
And yay we received an anniversary cake haha..
Here's our review:
  • The food was very satisfying! Tasted great despite not having any meat in it!
  • Super huge portion! We were so full after the soup haha
  • Service was superb
  • Ambience: very nice for a special occassion
  • Highly recommended! :D

PetiteFreckles ♥

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Love Nest: Purchases

J and I bought some items from this electrical shop in Bukit Merah called Hong Liang Electrical Enterprise.
123 Bukit Merah Lane 1
Singapore 150123
Not sure about their opening hours, but they open till 8pm.
Here's a photo of the boss, Vincent haha
Their service was good and the price pretty reasonable so we bought these items for the house:
♥ 2 707 Everton water heaters
♥ 2 Otto toilet bowl
♥ 2 Otto toilet basin - 1 top mount and 1 wall hung 
♥ 1 Mayer Chimney Hood
♥ 1 Delizia Hob
♥ 2 Crestar Fans -  1 with light (for the master bedroom) and 1 without (for the living room)
♥ 1 Carysill black jumbo kitchen sink
♥ 1 Rubine pull-out kitchen mixer
♥ 1 Samsung Fridge
♥ 1 Samsung Washer
Below are some photos, will update more once they have been installed :) The items are not necessary cheaper but the service was pretty good. They are very busy so have to be patient with their replies at times but it's totally acceptable for us!
P.S. Oh the more item you buy and payment by cash, might be able to get you a better price.

PetiteFreckles ♥

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Hubs 's Bday Lunch Celebration

First-time celebrating J's birthday as husband and wife. Since MIL would like to celebrate his birthday for him on the actual day in Johor, I decided to celebrate it for him in advance. After the fabulous experience at Full of Crab, I decided to bring him to Crab in da Bag @ East Coast for lunch.

It was a Sunday afternoon lunch time but there were no other patrons, maybe it's due to the bad haze.. At least we didn't have to wait long for our food :D
 There was a 1-for-1 promotion for the clams with Maybank card!
So yes, we went straight for it!
We ordered loads of food for 2:
Sweet potato fries
2Kg of Clams in Ultimate Curry Sauce
1 portion of Squid in Mum's Special sauce
1 portion of Tiger Prawns in Salty Splash sauce
1 portion of Alaskan King Crab in Caboodle Mix sauce
Total bill came up to about S$130.
We were so so so full after the meal! Forcing ourselves to finish the food haha..
Overall the food is good but personally I still prefer full of crab, the sauces tasted better.
It was J's birthday so they gave him an agar agar "cake", so nice of them :D So only had a couple of bites as we were too full!
Overall we enjoyed our meal but the low point came when we were making payment. Their terminal some how wasn't able to read my credit card after 2 times so I decided to call the bank, the bank personnel told me there was nothing wrong with my card and suggested a few methods for the cashier to resolve the issue. With each method, it was a failed attempt and throughout the process, the cashier and manager was getting annoyed and saying that it really my card issue and made it seem like we can't afford to pay or something! Geez! If it wasn't for the maybank promotion, I would have used other CC and get it over and done with! And finally after another few minutes, ta-dah the transaction went through, and found that their terminal had some issue so couldn't read the card well -.- And the cashier gave an embarrassed sorry after.. but it still left us feeling blue when we left the restaurant...

PetiteFreckles ♥