Monday, 16 February 2015

Pre-wedding Photography Session

Wishing everybody a belated-Happy Valentine's Day!
After goggling for places to take our pre-wedding photos, below are places that we have decided on. Yes I know it's nothing special, but I like ;p 

We did our shoot few days ago, I purposely planned it the week before CNY so that I can eat without reservation during the festive season haha. Anyways, the whole photo-shoot took about 7 hours for both indoor and outdoor, excluding 1.5 hours of make-up and hair do.

1. Botanic gardens
Address: 1 Cluny Road, Singapore 259569
Parking: S$0.02/min, recommended to enter via Tanglin Gate.

Get ready to sweat! Super hot!! My nu-bra shifted, luckily it didn't drop hahaha.
Quite paranoid so I applied for permit, in case they didn't let us shoot for whatever reason.

We felt like celebrities (for real!) when we reached botanic gardens - we passed by a bunch of students from the photography club (I think), once they saw us, they immediately snapped photos of us (without asking- like some paparazzi) and even stood nearby to watch us during some of our scene shots and enthusiastic enough to stop the photographer half-way to request to take some photos of us. Haha what an experience. 
2. National Museum
Address: 93 Stamford Road Singapore 178897
Parking: S$2.50/hr (7am to 6pm)

If you would like to have your shoot done inside the museum, you can apply for the permit at the front desk on the actual day and make a payment of S$184 for 2 hours. Since we are on a budget (means no spiral stairs photos, sad!), we decided to just take it on the outside which can be quite nice (and hot) too.
Credits: Pinterest
3. Marina Barrage
Address: 8 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018951
Parking: Free

We waited till sun set to have our photos taken against the city-lights. Nice! 

Here are things I prepared for the shoot:
1. Wet wipes
2. Tissue papers
3. Hand-held electric fan 
4. 2 x 750ml water bottle for us and the photographer
5. 1L of honey water (or any energy drink in case you have no time or appetite to eat)
6. Lunch: Mum was super awesome, she made egg mayo and cheese sandwiches for the photographer, makeup artist and her assistant and J. While I made blueberry overnight oats for myself.
7. Bobby pins
8. Hair spray
9. Lip gloss and blusher
10. Slippers (a must!! especially for botanic gardens, lots of walking) 
11. Mini sewing kit (you will never know what will tear)
12. Panadol
13. 2 Lenless specs for J (he's so vain that he even brought 2 watches to change to suit his suites)
14. Money for ampoules and lashes
15. 12 helium balloons (purchased just the day before) 
16. Other props but we forgot to take it out from the car -.-'''

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